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Quadcopter Helicopter with 0.3MP Camera & LED Lights

Wireless Communication


The H07C is a wonderful and funny 2.4Ghz 6-axis 4-channel R/C quadcopter, which is made of durable ABS and metal material so that it has strong body which can withstand the slight crashes. It is operated by 2.4GHz LCD screen radio transmitter, and designed with built-in 6-axis gyro system to carry out stable 3D flight to let you enjoy a wonderful flight experience. Besides, it comes with a built-in 0.3MP camera for taking photos and recording videos while flying. With high performance and easy to operate, it is a wonderful R/C gadget suitable for children and adult.


- Model: H07C.
- Color: as shown in the pictures.
- Material: durable hard metal and plastic.
- 100% brand new and high quality 2.4GHz 6-Axis 4-Channel Gyro System R/C UFO Quadcopter Helicopter.
- Operated by the LCD screen 2.4G transmiter, for easy to read, and easy to adjust frequency rave.
- Remote control function: Raise & Down, Forwards & Backwards, Left & Right turning, 360-degree Rotating, Video Recording & Photo Taking.
- Full scale remote control with built-in 6-axis GYRO system.
- With 4pcs of cool LED searching lights, namely, 2 front lights and 2 back lights for easy to fly in dark place or at night.


- Frequency: 2.4GHz.
- Channel: 4-channel.
- Camera: 0.3 Mega pixels.
- Video Format: AVI.
- Photo Format: JPG.
- Remote control distance: about 50 meters.
- Battery for quadcopter: 1 * 3.7V 350mAh rechargeable Lithium battery (included).
- Battery for transmitter: 4 * AA batteries (not included).
- Charging time: about 60 minutes.
- Flight time: about 6-7 minutes.


Please connect the red terminal of the battery to the red terminal of the receiver board and vice versaturn on the transmitterthe left control stick of the transmitter go up and down once.
sooner you get a beep your quadcopter is ready to fly not fly the quadcopter yet. Instead push the photo button on the transmitter and observe for a red flashyou get the red flash at the bottom of the camera a photo has been taken.press the vide button once to start recording a video and press the video button again to stop recording the video the connection between the quadcopter battery and the receiver boardplug one end of the usb A-B cable to the system and the other end to the back of the camerafor the system to install the driver software automaticaly that open the USB video device or removable hardware and see the acquired photos and videos remove the connections of the USB A-B cable form the system and the camerathe usb charger and plug one end to the system and the other end to the batterythe battery for 10 mins and wait for another 5 mins for it to cool down the USB charger and connect the receiver board and the battery turn off and turn on the transmitter.the left control stick up and down to control the altitude the left control stick left and right to make the quadcopter spin left and rightthe right control stick up and down to make the quadcopter move forward and backthe right control stick left and right to move the quadcopter left and right the right top switch near the index finger to turn on or turn off the LEDand hold the top right switch to change from Mode 1 and Mode 2.Mode 2 moving the left control stick left or right will make the quad move left or right. Moving the right control stick left or right will make the quad spin left or right the Left top button to change the power input to the quadcopter. Provide either 40% or 60% or 100% of the total power in every run indoor or semi-indoor or outdoor by just pushing that button.are 4 buttons along the 2 control sticks.not touch these buttons. In order to reset if you have accidently touched. Turn off the transmitter and press the left top switch and simultaneously turn on the transmitter the button next to the left control switch up or down to slightly change the altitude.the button below the left control switch to slightly make it spin left or rightthe button next to the right control switch to make it slightly move forward or backthe button next to the right control switch to slightly make it move left or rightare meant only to feedback to the Nuvoton Gyro system and the user is advised not to do it unless absolutely necessarynot leave the battery in the transmitter when not in usenot leave the quadcopter board and battery connected when not in usenot keep flying the quadcopter once you notice that it is a few seconds away from crash. In such cases reduce the left control stick to minimum and/or switch of the transmitter when about to hit and obstacle

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