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Cortex M3 - LPC1768 target board



LPC1768H is a Header Board designed for CORTEX M3 Based LPC1768 from NXP. The Board is a basic IO Pinout Board with options of onboard power and USB Device. Remaining IO pins are taken out on 2.54 mm berg connector. The board has standard JTAG Connectivity for debug/programming.

Controller: Cortex M3 Based LPC1768 from NXP.
Package: LQFP100.
Clock Used: 12MHz for Controller, 32.768KHz for internal RTC.
Power: On Board, 5V and 3.3V.
On Board reset and ISP switches.
JTAG Connectivity Option.
Test LED via IO Pin.
On Board USB Device.
Can be USB or external Powered.
Board Specifications:
Dimensions: 90 x 56 mm.
No of Layers: 2
FR4, Blue Solder Mask, ENIG, 1.6mm thickness.

Kit Deliverables:
LPC1768 Header Board
USB Cable
CD Containing schematic, sample source codes, required software and reference documents.

JTAG Options for Debug/Programming:

Parallel Port JTAG (tested on Keil, Rowley CrossWorks)
ARM USB JTAG (tested on Keil, Rowley CrossWorks)
CoLinkEx (tested with Keil, CooCox CoIDE)

The Board can also be used with other JTAG Debuggers.

The details on how to use the JTAG and its associated plugins are provided with the documents and also can be downloaded from Download and Support sections.

ISP Programming:

Programming can be done through the on chip boot loader using UART interface (UART0). You will have to use a TTL to RS232 Converter to do so since the pinout are TTL logic and PC uses RS232 logic. The tool used for programming is Flash Magic

Programming using CoFlash

The controller can be Programmed using CoFlash from CooCox. The binary file needs to loaded using this tool. Check using CoFlash for more details.To use CoFlash, you would need CoiNel ARM USB JTAG or CoiNel CoLink Ex Debuggers.

USB Boot Loader:

The Board can also be programmed via USB Secondary Bootloader. Check LPC1768 USB Boot Loader for more details.


Our products can be used with majority of IDE and plugins that support CORTEX M3 LPC17xx family. A few IDE and plugin details are given below.

Keil uvision4 IDE (32K code limited version can be used.)
Rowley Crossworks (30 day evaluation version can be used.)
IAR workbench (32K code limited version could be used.)
CooCox CoIDE (Unlimited, open source)
GCC based open source tool chains


H-JTAG, CooCox Colink, Flash Magic have been tested.
Compatible debuggers like U-Link, J-Link etc can also be used.

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