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Amicus18 Hardware Overview

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The Amicus18 hardware is based upon the world famous Arduino board, however, the Amicus18 board uses a Microchip PICmicrotm microcontroller instead of an Atmel AVR type.

It has exactly the same dimensions as the Arduino, and all Arduino shields will physically fit on the Amicus18 board.

The microcontroller used on the Amicus18 is the Microchip PIC18F25K20, which has 32768 bytes of flash memory, 1536 bytes of RAM, and operates at 64MHz, which equates to 16 MIPS (Million Instructions per Second).

There are nine 10-bit ADC (Analogue to Digital Converter) inputs, and two 10-bit PWM (Pulse WidthModulation) outputs, as well as two comparators, a USART (Universal Synchronous Asynchronous ReceiverTransmitter), SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), I
2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit), and four timers,each with various internal operations attached to them.

Each of the microcontroller’s I/O lines are brought out for use with external devices such as LEDs, Servos,Potentiometers, LCDs etc…

Communication with the Amicus18 board is through a USB interface, which presents itself as a standardserial port on the PC. The microcontroller can be programmed directly through this port so there is noneed for a dedicated device programmer, however, if the need arises, there is an ICSP (In Circuit SerialProgramming) interface suitable for all programmers, but tailored for the Microchip PICkit2
tm programmer.

Power can be supplied to the board either via the USB port, or an external 9 Volt DC source. Whenpowered from the USB port, a maximum of 500mA (milliAmp) may be drawn, and the USB port is protectedby a resetable fuse. When powered via a 9V source, a maximum of 800mA may be drawn.

The microcontroller is a 3.3 Volts type, however, there is also a 5 Volt supply always available.The Amicus18 board is extremely easy to use, in fact, no previous microcontroller experience is requiredin order to get your first project up and running, as you’ll find out later.

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